Kix 4 Chix is a ladies non-competitive kickboxing program. And it is unlike anything you have ever tried!

This changes everything

Kix 4 Chix takes the drama out of going to the gym -- there are no gym-bunnies that work out with us.

Our gym is full of women just like you.

There are two locations to help you kick it into high gear. Learn more about them here.

First Class Free!

Come and see what so many women are raving about! What are you waiting for?

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Get some sassy shirts to go along with that personality. Oh, and those gloves you've been searching for? We've got you covered.

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Customer Raves

I’ve worked out at the gym, at home, and outside, but the experience I’ve had with the Kix 4 Chix has been unique. The workout is incredible and the relationships I’ve developed are invaluable, I look forward to my time there. I’ve trained at the dojo for about 18 months and feel a sense of control and confidence that I haven’t gotten from other workouts, the kickboxing teaches you self defense while exercising your body to the fullest. Do you think that you’re not a punchy person and that this kind of workout isn’t for you? I suggest you give it a try because that’s what I used to think and now I love it. See you there.